Pierce Brosnan

Widya | Wednesday, February 05, 2014 |
.........revealed that he and Keely, who married in 2001, are still very much in love.
"She is the most beautiful woman and has been my North Star for many a day and a year now. We just celebrated 19 years of life together," he said.
"We like each other a lot, and we have the same interests and passions. We watch each other grow older and you celebrate each other. So far, so good. We look forward to the time now when the boys go off to college and she will be able to travel with me on these movies. It's very hard right now because the boys are 16 and 12."
He admitted that being able to work through issues and troubles can help a relationship.

"There's always a problem in a marriage, be it the economics of the day, the mortgage, the timing of life, not enough time, the children or the in-laws. I see my darling taking care of our boys and me, making sure I'm happy. That is such a gift, and it is something I don't take for granted," he said.  I always say "I love you" to my wife everyday...it is important.

I always like him, compasionate, loving, and faithfull man.  
Man who hold  everything in his hand, fame, fortune, and good looking face, every point that makes all the woman's heart melt. 
But that's not done like that....(he is not a common men...for sure
He was trying to be loyal and loving his partner all the time. 
I love the last phrase ... "I do not take for granted that" .... showed that he struggle it as a human and appreciate the struggles of his spouse too.

Never have a favourite actor in my life...only Pierce Brosnan....
Why we didn't meet long long time ago....?

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