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Widya | Thursday, December 12, 2013 |
Suatu kali guru bahasa Inggrisku, Mrs Cindy  bercerita tentang anak semata wayangnya.

Once, when my son was 7 month old, he started to talk.  I was afraid, I called my doctor and he said it was okay...nothing was wrong with him.  And when my son was 3 years old he grabbed a book and started reading, which was something I never taught him.  It was really scary.
I don't want him to become arrogant, so  I keep reminding him about that. 
Just before he started kindergarten, I talked to him..." dear, you are very smart, and be thankful to God for it.  It is a gift from God, you take it, but you have to share your gift to other people, to your friends.  Some of your friends have other kinds of gift which you may not have.  It is all, because God give everybody different gifts.  But the most important is you have to share your gift."

Sungguh suka dengan kata-kata Cindy...

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