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"Please wear costume ladies " ... said Dana Nagler, from Israel ... .

Oooh my God ... it is always difficult for me to find costume ...
Probably because it is not accustomed to have the costume party in Indonesia . Parties in Indonesia  ... if not wear standard glamorous dress or wear kebaya ... Kind of boring .... hahahahaha

Children are most the pleased person to have party with the dress code .. they browse the rock n roll costume ....like what the heck ? Year is not limited .
So if they want to use the Beatles style , Grease , or any band is OK .
They've been busy looking for clothes here and there.
Dea bought purple boots , a black leather mini skirt , black T-shirt with the words "Up Town Girl" .... she mentioned which singer she imitated the style is .. but my ears still not familiar at all .
Tista , choose a off shoulder dress with tulle underneath, but then she decided too open , and then she add  black bolero to cover her shoulders . Perhaps of Rock n Roll party at earlier times ...

Mas Agung and I still confuse with the costumes . Until the last second we still did'nt know what to wear.
Finally mas Agung were wearing a white shirt and jeans , tie with the trumpet motif , and UK -style baret ... it seems like the boys first appearance when dating years ago.... sleeves rolled up ... ( Dea's sugestion)
I ended up wear a low-necked black cardigan that I 've never used before , skirt pleats wide black skirt, black lace tank top under the cardigan .... an extra hippie headband ... Tista said it was Hobo style... what is Hobo ?

Finally we went to Fort Adam ...
The room was transformed to a discotheque floor ... the interior designer was Dana Nagler , Charlotte of Denmark and Gaya of Sri Lanka . The food are pizzas...any kind of pizzas.
They provide soft drinks ... and we brought wine also ... because alcoholic beverages are expected to bring for sharing ...... hehehehehehe

It was great to see my friends again after a week  I did'nt meet anyone.
The costumes were all kinds .... they always most advanced to wear costumes if requested . Although I do not really know which artist or band where the ideas come from , but it was all fun to look at .
Yeah...at least we wear costume....minimalist costumes hahahahhaha

The show ?  of course .....dancing .. ... eating ... drinking .... talking .everuthing with "ing"...
For who don't like dance,  yes it was definitely tormented all-out ...
But for me .... ooh this was good .... good song , good food , dance all nigt and good drink too ....

David from Singapore asked me... " Is Greg like dancing ? "
Yes ... he is ... we all like dancing ... right-side brain family ....

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